Why Don’t We Come To Earth Knowing The Universal Laws? – Abraham Hicks

The Passion's Way

Why didn’t I know it before I came?
You all know it before you came. And you knew something even better before you came. You all have guidance that keep you knowing it. You knew that you would figure it out as soon as you go, and you knew it would be fun to figure it out as you go.

So the real question is; Why did I not come with the memory of everything that had come before?
And we say: You came with better than memory; you came with souce energy right there with you knowing it so powerfully that the moment you detatched from that, you feel off!
You knew you would figure it out because its pervasive. It’s everywhere, it’s unyielding, never stops. It’s always consistent. And, you have a GUIDANCE SYSTEM! That lets you know.
You just forgot about that because people made you believe…

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