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THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

An unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s really going on in our world by following the money upstream – uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.
I recommend every being on this planet to watch this movie!:)


R.I.P. To the 3rd Dimension


I’m going to tell you a little story. Approximately 14,000 years ago, the culture known as Lemuria was thriving, but, they were coming to the end of a very long and ancient history on Earth. There were also other cultures, of course, on Earth, such as Atlantis, which were thriving as well. The holy people or the prophets of the Lemurian culture began to be aware that something was going to be changing. They began receiving information that the Earth was going to go through a very dramatic shift. The shift that they were referring to was what we call the Great Flood. Also known as the destruction of Atlantis. These holy people of Lemuria were very much in touch with the land. They were the ancient ancestors of the Native Americans. They began to be aware that it was very important that the knowledge from Lemuria be preserved. And so for about 2,000 to 3,000 years, they were preparing for this great cataclysm. They began spreading their teachings about the Earth and about mankind’s history to as many people as they possibly could. They believed that if they could spread this information to as many people as possible, the information would be stored within the cells of the human bodies. Then it would never be forgotten.

They also began to store information in crystals. These crystals were taken deep within the Earth to be stored and preserved. These ancient Lemurians also began to create detailed maps of the underground tunnels that existed between power points on our planet. They also took the time to prepare their plans. They knew that they would receive a sign telling them it was time to go underground before the floods came. So they prepared themselves for these several thousand years to be the sacred keepers of the records of Earth. They knew it was very important that the information they held be saved for when the waters receded, otherwise the entire history of Earth and the sacred teachings of the Lemurians would have been lost forever.

These holy people received their signs and began going underground. This occurred approximately 100 years before the flood. While underground, they learned to live there and use the underground environment for their sustenance. They built very supportive and loving communities inside the Earth. During these years, they did the final work involved in preserving some of the knowledge that they knew needed to be preserved.

Then the flood came. All these people who were underground were safe from the waters, even though many, many people on the surface of the Earth perished. When the waters receded, the people emerged from underground. The land they once knew was now very different. This emergence from the Earth is the point at which the Native Americans’ creation history begins. In a very literal sense, they did emerge from the Earth. Most of the native peoples have lost the exact literal memory of this emergence, but within the highest ranks of the shamans, this knowledge is still passed on.

Now, we tell this story from the point of view of the Native Americans, they were not the only people who went underground. The holy people all around this planet went underground. For instance, the Aborigines in Australia and those who were later to become the Druids in England were all preserving their knowledge underground as well. The Druids were preserving the ancient Atlantean information, as were the Egyptians in Africa, although they were not yet the Egyptians of even the Old Dynasty yet. But the native peoples of the Pacific area, including Asia and South America, were preserving the Lemurian information. These native peoples, even today, hold within themselves this sacred knowledge. Some of it is conscious but most of it lies in the subconscious. The Ainu of Japan are one of the tribes that preserved some of the knowledge. There was a great cooperation among all of these peoples on Earth to make sure that the sacred teachings were never lost.

In the South America imparticular, they were the beneficiaries of both Atlantean and Lemurian knowledge and culture.

The Ancient Knowledge – Is Rising to Consciousness

The prophets also knew that when the new time came, after the flood, mankind would move away from the sacred teachings. The prophets knew that there would be a very long period of time during which the teachings would have to be kept hidden. They knew that one day that cycle would end and the teachings would once again emerge from each and every person.

That is what is happening now for all of us. We are drawn to visit places like the Native American sacred spots and the stone circles of the UK. We travel to Peru or Mexico or Egypt because we feel this ancient knowledge beginning to rise to the surface within ourselves, and seek to find a vehicle through which that memory can be activated.

As the memory is activated in each of us, it will not necessarily take the form of tangible information. Instead, it will simply take the form of our own spiritual and inner wisdom. The ancients never had religion and never felt the need to make someone else believe the way they did. That pattern happened only after the flood. The ancients all had an inner wisdom and an inner spirituality that was never discussed or argued about. Even though everyone is unique and has his or her own spiritual beliefs, ultimately those beliefs all are the same idea on the most basic level.

Those basic beliefs are the belief in a higher power, love and respect for each other and love and respect for the Earth, which includes the plant, the animal and even the mineral kingdoms. That is the very basic foundation of spirituality. That was the spirituality of the ancients, and that is the spirituality that is awakening within you. It doesn’t matter whether you are Buddhist, Shinto, Muslim, Pagan, Atheist or Christian. All that matters is that basic foundation of spirituality. Belief in a higher power, love and respect for each other and love and respect for the Earth. It is really that simple. As you travel through nature and focus on getting back in touch with the Earth, that’s how the spirituality gets awakened within you. That is how you can freely access the Akashic records kept in so many places throughout our galaxy, including Gaia herself. She is a massive library. It is then, that we can begin to focus on our extra terrestrial origins, with clarity and accuracy.

Do not underestimate the power of the experiences you have while you are on this journey. They awaken within you something that was lying asleep for quite a long time. Reincarnationally, you are those ancient Lemurians and Atlanteans. You are fulfilling your agreements by being here, now, and helping in the awakening of the human conciousness. You all carry those memories within you. Honor that and trust that you do have them within you.

The question that has been asked of us so many times is, What’s going to happen now? Is there going to be another cataclysm like the flood? How is this new awareness going to be activated on Earth? You are all working very hard on an energetic level so that you will not bring about another cataclysm. It is very unlikely that we will experience another flood or destructive earthquake.

This time the change is going to happen within you. You are going to experience, in a sense, your own personal internal earthquake, your own crumbling of belief systems that no longer serve you. So in a sense, there is going to be destruction and the ending of a cycle but it’s not going to take place around you in the physical world; it’s going to take place in an even more powerful place – within you. So do not fear if old things you carry begin falling away. Do not fear if old relationships can no longer be the same. Most of all, do not fear exploring the unknown, for the deeper you go within, the more profoundly you are going to experience this. Know that all that happens to you, even the things that may be disturbing, is part of your own personal release of the old. As you are releasing the old, you will be exposed to new ideas. They may feel strange or foreign to you, but just keep yourself open and allow whatever is there to come to you before you assume that it is not for you. Stay open and explore.

Embrace your sensitivities for they are a gift!

Dear beautiful soul. Embrace your sensitivities for they are a gift! In a world where most seem apathetic and shut off from their emotional centers, it can be a challenge to accept your sensitive self when those around you are telling you to get with the program, toughen up and numb yourself down. Having sensitivity, empathy and compassion is a gift dear friend, they are there to serve you and your growth… please welcome your gift with open arms and feel the radiant love within your heart flooding through your entire being as you do so. If you need to cry, it is ok, if you need to laugh it is ok, if you need to feel things it is ok. You can be a highly sensitive being and still master your emotions, and mind when you embrace them as being a part of who you are, integrating them rather than suppressing them. As you feel all your emotions, they can be transmuted into LOVE.

In these great times of change on earth you are going to feel things as they come up to the surface with even greater strength than ever before. You have the abilty to work consciously with anything that arises in a way that serves you and the whole. Please understand that your sensitivity are beautiful and they will help to intuitively guide you to know the truth in all situations, people and anything that is surrounding you or within you. Please open yourself up to trusting these inner feelings as true inner guidance. To work with your natural abilities, please spend some time alone out in nature, connecting inwards with all that you feel and avoid harsh chemicals, which can hinder this natural process coming into full fruition. You will find that all will come to you quite naturally when you give yourself the chance. It is safe for you to feel very deep emotions and be sensitive, knowing that you are surrounded and nurtured by very powerful and loving beings as well as your Higher Self. If for any reason you encounter someone who does not understand your own or their own sensitivities, please send love to that person; the love you send outwards will dissolve all fear that is at the heart of any problem. You are honored and you and are being assisted right now in this beautiful awakening and transitioning process.


The Essence of Compassion and Our Journey on Earth

Compassion is really one of the most beautiful qualities we humans can have on earth. The understanding of our true inner-connectedness with All-That-Is, coming from a place of unconditional love, empathy and acceptance for all beings no matter what is going on. Compassion is the ability to see beyond just the surface, the ego and any illusions so we may understand the pain, the healing and the love we are all experiencing as we grow higher. Through compassion, we understand that all is happening to teach us so much about who and what we are.

Compassion is quite different to sympathy; in sympathy we see ourselves and others as a ‘victim’ of life and we bring our energy down to match those we feel sorry for, whether that be ourselves or another being. In compassion we see each other as beautiful, powerful beings within unique growth cycles. We see our true essence and that we are able to grow through our earth lessons we chose to experience. We do not take away the life lessons, but rather empower each other to go within and grow through whatever it is that needs to be learned with love and care. We see the heart, soul and true self within all beings, beyond the level of lesson. This will take a giant step out of just mind thinking and a quantum leap into heart-space feeling, where we experience unconditional love and oneness with all life.

We are all here learning, growing, evolving together on our own unique path, and when we walk together with our hearts open and resonating with unconditional love and compassion, we create a space where so much unlimited and pure love frequency can lift the density of the earth plane into higher gear. There is true power within LOVE and sending it outwards from the heart will raise the vibration of earth and beyond! The vibration of love will dissolve so much negativity we may be concerned about within the world. LOVE is always the key that can and will dissolve fear and illusion. Make the conscious choice to let go of all that old discord ‘stuff’ from your life and CHOOSE to consciously bring in the NEW energies of LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, JOY and COMPASSION!


What Is Love… Our True Self, without any form

LOVE is our true state of being. We do not search for love ‘out there.’ There is no hole to fill from someone/something bringing you love, for that is an attachment and the cause of suffering when we feel loss/rejected/not good enough when it leaves. LOVE must be felt within your own being and within the heart of every soul. All love is self love. When we are aligned with loving the self unconditionally, we will attract mirrors in our life reflecting that same love back to us with great intensity. People have confused emotional ego attachment with love. LOVE is BEING/GOD/SOURCE/LIFE and CREATION. LOVE is who we are! We can only see/receive/give love to the degree in which we have opened our own hearts. When we feel this true divine love within, we will see there is an abundance of love wherever we turn, within and around us. The people in our life will enter as a magnet to our own openness to love, truth and inner beauty. We will then attract people who have also released their blocks in giving and receiving LOVE because they too are connected to their inner source of LOVE. We attract the same love in which we are.

Your true self can not be hurt or destroyed. You are not your mind or your body but rather an infinite source of consciousness in the vast totality of all-that-Is. Ego can only ever grab onto another false ego and it never touches your true self. Your essence is LOVE and that is something that will always remain whole. Your mind can fuel the illusion of being hurt and great fear, but this is never truth within. Your true state of being is untouchable and will always remain perfectly whole and intact. When we take full responsibility for our life, we move from being a victim of circumstance to fully empowered beings. Our perception shifts into higher awareness. We move from blame to compassion. We move from duality and separation to ONENESS and UNITY.


Live your life to the full; it is too short to waste!!

My life, my world and my thoughts!


I was just thinking today how lucky we are as human-beings to have such an intelligent prospective on life.

The universe is absolutely gigantic and out of all the matter and whatnot that is out there  in this huge darkness of what we call the universe; I so happen to be a human.  It just goes to show how valuable life is, we should cherish and enjoy it – we are a true wonder of the universe, we know of no other life and to be intelligent as we are is just amazing.

I often wonder if other life is out there and ask one of the most fundamental questions of all: “Are we alone?” – I don’t think we are, I reckon there is life out there.  It might not be intelligent life-form like ourselves; it could just be micro-organisms.  Even if we did find some sort of organism…

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The present moment

The present moment is the place where there is no creation.  Yet, all of creation arises out of it.  Every experience we have ever had has happened in the present moment, in fact, all we have is right now. The past and the future are both illusions, one has already happened in the present moment, and the other, will occur in the present moment.  The present moment is a thoughtless state that enables you to understand that everything outside of the timeless now is simply a vibration, energy in motion, creating our reality.

If you can bring your attention to the present moment by learning how to experience things as they happen, you will experience a mental freedom, a deep peace, a great joy that fills your entire body with wonder and awe at the magnificence of the world around you.  You come fully alive and experience life as it was meant to be experienced.  Too many of our experiences are clouded by judgements due to past experiences or anxiety of what may or may not happen.  When this happens, the present moment is blocked out and you live in the illusion which doesn’t exist, and you believe it to be real.  The mind has clouded the true reality and has created a false reality, like a prison.  You stay in this prison for only as long as you believe the door to it is locked.  At any time you can become more present.  If you let go of the past or the future and really monitor your thoughts as new situations arise, you will start to notice that you are able to experience life in a new way.  As long as you keep dis-identifying with the old thoughts and recognize them when they come to you, you will then open yourself up to the present moment, you will see the unlimited possibilities that are available to you.  When you drop judgements or the fear of what people think of you, and speak your mind, do things you want to do, rather than what people expect you to do, you will be more and more in the present moment.  You will begin to feel the joy, feel the love, you will be able to embrace it.

The more you step out of the norm, more people will judge you, more people will criticize you, and some people may even tell you that you are out of your mind.  Which is the greatest compliment anyone can ever give you!  It means that you have escaped the prison of your mind, which is not easy thing to do! Feel gratitude when someone says that to you.  It is an accomplishment that so few have been able to accomplish, so enjoy being out of your mind, it means you’re in touch with reality, and the rest of the world is quite literally insane, because they are in their minds.  Your mind is supposed to be a tool, your servant, your friend. It helps you express who you are and allows you to be individual and unique.  The mind is not meant to judge you, it is not meant to insult you, so any kind of self hate or hate for others, is totally unnecessary and is not who you really are.  If you didn’t have a purpose you wouldn’t be here, it’s that simple.  So take control of your mind, and allow yourself to flow into the stillness of the present moment, where all things are possible.