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I’m an alien in this world

Sometimes I feel like an alien in this world. When I look at how other people live, I just feel so different. I always felt different, I always knew that I was special. But since I started to work on myself and I am becoming the most authentic version of me, the more different I actually feel.

I have different values and priorities in life than most other people. I prioritise my own happiness over anything else. I follow my excitement and trust it so much that I let it control my life. Other people don’t understand my behavior. They think I must be crazy when I believe that the universe is going to support me when I do what I love.

Most people don’t think that life is fun. For most people life is a fight for survival. There is so much poverty, so much darkness, so much pain and so much separation in this world. Many people struggle their whole lifes to earn money so they can afford to live. They cant travel, they cant buy all the things they want. For most people life is a struggle and they learn to hate it at a very early age.

It upsets me that the majority of the population lives like this. I wish I could do something about it. I wish I could make people understand that life can be fun. I wish that I could make other people understand that they are not victims of circumstances, but they create their realities with their own belief systems and thoughts. The vibration of powerlessness is the most dominant vibration in our world. I hope that I will be able to change it. That’s what I am planing to do. I want to become a holistic healer and I want to help people to live happier lifes. I also have this blog and I am hoping that maybe someday because of my articles at least one person is going to have a moment of realization that they are powerful and magnificent beings.

I just wish I wouldn’t feel so alone sometimes. If I had at least one person in my life that would understand me. When I interact with people in my family and my circle of friends, no one really understands me. They think that something must be wrong with me. They treat me like an alien. I don’t like being misunderstood.


How do I meet like minded people?

Hi guys!

I need an advice from you:). Most of you who are reading my blog are people interested in spirituality. So I would like to ask you: Do you have any spiritual friends in your life? And if you do, how did you meet them?

I just feel so alone because I don’t know any like minded people in real life. There are many nice people who share my opinions here on the internet, but most of you come from a completely different part of the world. I seem to only be surrounded with people that don’t get me and have totally opposite opinions on life. I never really had a friend I could open up to fully. I have some “friends”, but these people are no real friends to me. Maybe they consider myself as their friend, but I want more. I like to build deep relationships with people. I want to be able to discuss with that person absolutely everything that is on my mind, not just things like school or work.

I am an extremely introspective, deep and complex person. I always wanted to figure out the meaning of life and I am interested in spirituality and science at the same time. I would like to have long intellectual discussions with people but most of the time we talk about mundane things like weather and how is work going. Whenever I try to have a deep discussion with someone, it just doesnt turn out like I want it to.

So where do I meet like minded people in real life? What do spiritual people casually do? Where do I go when I want to meet people like me?

I would really appreciate any advice, thank you:)