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Embrace your sensitivities for they are a gift!

Dear beautiful soul. Embrace your sensitivities for they are a gift! In a world where most seem apathetic and shut off from their emotional centers, it can be a challenge to accept your sensitive self when those around you are telling you to get with the program, toughen up and numb yourself down. Having sensitivity, empathy and compassion is a gift dear friend, they are there to serve you and your growth… please welcome your gift with open arms and feel the radiant love within your heart flooding through your entire being as you do so. If you need to cry, it is ok, if you need to laugh it is ok, if you need to feel things it is ok. You can be a highly sensitive being and still master your emotions, and mind when you embrace them as being a part of who you are, integrating them rather than suppressing them. As you feel all your emotions, they can be transmuted into LOVE.

In these great times of change on earth you are going to feel things as they come up to the surface with even greater strength than ever before. You have the abilty to work consciously with anything that arises in a way that serves you and the whole. Please understand that your sensitivity are beautiful and they will help to intuitively guide you to know the truth in all situations, people and anything that is surrounding you or within you. Please open yourself up to trusting these inner feelings as true inner guidance. To work with your natural abilities, please spend some time alone out in nature, connecting inwards with all that you feel and avoid harsh chemicals, which can hinder this natural process coming into full fruition. You will find that all will come to you quite naturally when you give yourself the chance. It is safe for you to feel very deep emotions and be sensitive, knowing that you are surrounded and nurtured by very powerful and loving beings as well as your Higher Self. If for any reason you encounter someone who does not understand your own or their own sensitivities, please send love to that person; the love you send outwards will dissolve all fear that is at the heart of any problem. You are honored and you and are being assisted right now in this beautiful awakening and transitioning process.