How big is our planet? Mind blowing comparison!

We are aware that our universe is beyond enormous in size but truly we do not know how big it really is.

We know that the earth is nothing but a speck of a rock in comparison to the rest of the universe, a particle of dust floating in a huge sky.

So, I was thinking about size and the universe and I was wondering….
Imagine there was life on more earth like planets, not just in our galaxy but in other galaxies.

Could there be life out there that are like giants compared to humans – due to the environment and size of the sun, planets etc? What if there are galaxies with huge stars, huge planet and moon with life? Would this life also develop to be a huge species that would make us look tiny?

What about if there are stars a lot smaller than ours out there? Could there be species that are tiny?
After all, in the scheme of things – we are tiny, and look how small life can get, all you need to do it look through a microscope and you can see life, compare bacteria to the mass of the universe and it is a truly amazing thing that so much can being happening in such a small minute way.

If our earth is abundant with life, even though we are a mere speck in a massive universe, could there be places where life could be even smaller or bigger in comparison to our own environment?

If we compare Earth’s size with that of some of the most important celestial bodies we have discovered so far, it makes most of us think that we’re nothing but ants swarming around in our little ant nest.

To show you that, let’s look at the size of our Earth compared to that of some of the most famous planets and stars that we know of:



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