Example of an INFJ: Dan Howell

So I’ve been watching Dan’s videos on YouTube for a while now and it amazes me how much I can relate to pretty much all of his videos. As I learned more about MBTI and personality types, I think he’s a perfect example of an INFJ. Im an INFJ too and I recognize another one when I see him. Here are some videos that made me come to my conclusion:

There’s no question that he is an introvert. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t quite “enjoy” human interaction, calls himself “socially awkward,” and constantly points out that he spends a lot of his time at home and on his computer. He seems to enjoy spending time alone, and from what he says about himself, he makes himself out to be somewhat socially awkward and that he would rather be alone. INFJ’s are often perceived as extroverts, this could be why a lot of people seem to type him as an extrovert. Here he explains how he “doesn’t like interacting with other humans”:


I immediately typed him as a feeler because he cares a lot about other peoples feelings and emotions and he is easily affected by other individuals feelings. This can all be found in this video… And Im very sure that he has extroverted feeling (Fe). He is way too expressive for an Fi.

In his “I’m A Mess” video he claims that he is usually a neat, organized and orderly person, which also makes me think he’s a J because (not to generalize or stereotype) but if you prefer a structured environment, it would make sense that you would be organized.


INFJ’s are known to feel misunderstood and often question their sanity. Their thoughts tend to be very deep and philosophical, they often think about the world and the people in it. Other hints that lead me to think that he’s an INFJ come from these videos:






Of course I don’t know for sure if he’s an INFJ, it’s just my guess. To know it for sure I would have to make him do the test. What are your thoughts on this?


10 thoughts on “Example of an INFJ: Dan Howell

  1. Apparently, as the others above me have informed everyone, Dan is a self-typed INFJ – which I agree with – however I’m just commenting to add that he reminds me a lot of my INFJ cousin. You can notice a lot of similarities between people of the same type in terms of their shared facial features/expressions, and in this case, Dan and my cousin have the same eyes and eye movement.

  2. He’s not an F that’s for sure I’m 50 T and 51 F I would know the difference.
    I also think Dan is a P not a J.
    The N part is no dout.
    I am 100 E but I also chose to be “socially awkward”.
    So I think Dan Howell is an ENFP.

  3. I don’t know, I think he could be an INFP, P because of his University choice, he made it last minute, and he chose law to make him ‘look smart,’ so he kind of went with the flow, I don’t know really, just my opinion…

  4. You have good analysis and evidence about confirming him as a INFJ, and I do believe he might be one. But to get it off our worries, I want him to re-take his personality test this time. He’ve might have evolved over his years on youtube.

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