How do I meet like minded people?

Hi guys!

I need an advice from you:). Most of you who are reading my blog are people interested in spirituality. So I would like to ask you: Do you have any spiritual friends in your life? And if you do, how did you meet them?

I just feel so alone because I don’t know any like minded people in real life. There are many nice people who share my opinions here on the internet, but most of you come from a completely different part of the world. I seem to only be surrounded with people that don’t get me and have totally opposite opinions on life. I never really had a friend I could open up to fully. I have some “friends”, but these people are no real friends to me. Maybe they consider myself as their friend, but I want more. I like to build deep relationships with people. I want to be able to discuss with that person absolutely everything that is on my mind, not just things like school or work.

I am an extremely introspective, deep and complex person. I always wanted to figure out the meaning of life and I am interested in spirituality and science at the same time. I would like to have long intellectual discussions with people but most of the time we talk about mundane things like weather and how is work going. Whenever I try to have a deep discussion with someone, it just doesnt turn out like I want it to.

So where do I meet like minded people in real life? What do spiritual people casually do? Where do I go when I want to meet people like me?

I would really appreciate any advice, thank you:)


6 thoughts on “How do I meet like minded people?

  1. Good Morning!

    I was just talking to another blogger about this subject. In my opinion the difference between who is spiritual and who is religious is simple. Spiritual people have a desire to share what they know and religious people have a need to argue what they know. Look for those who share and you will find pieces there that fit into your puzzle, your picture of life. When others argue, (or in other words want to tell you that you’re wrong, they’re right, and here’s how you should fix yourself based on their standards) I suggest politely backing away with a smile and let them to themselves. Spiritual people tend to be creators at heart. Artists, musicians, poets, writers and so on. They also do not “worship” material things like drugs, power, money, sex, and so on. Spirit comes first. Look to places where this behavior is prevalent. Libraries, theaters, art classes, writers groups, and so on. There ARE churches without hierarchies, (that is they don’t sell “we are up here and you are down there, here’s how to climb the ladder”) but they are difficult to find. One thing I think is for sure; like minded people are automatically attracted to each other. You’ll eventually find others that feel the way you do. Don’t give up.
    With THAT in mind I have some writing on my blog that might intrigue you. Look for an entry called “What does God Look Like?” It’s just my opinion, but it might be worth sharing. If you want to know who I am, my introduction says a lot. Good luck on your quest!

    With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood

    • Thank you for your advice!
      Yes, I agree with you about the difference between spiritual and religious people. I know some religious people and all they are trying to do is to convince me that they know best and they are very close minded. I hope that I will find some open minded and nice spiritual people. But since like minded people are attracted to each other, it surely won’t take long! 🙂

  2. Hey Paulina, I think that religion and spirituality are totally inseperable. I see religion as an instrument to experience the spirituality that exists within us and in every creature. In every religion the basics of humanity, that is love, compassion and righteous attitude is taught which in no way is different from spirituality.It is all up to you what you mean by religion. The basis of every religion in this world is humanity 🙂

  3. Hi… did you find any like-minded ones since your post on Feb 21? I read it only today. Nice post. One of the best i have read in months. congrats. It takes whole lot of courage to speak the truth. Gud wishes.

  4. I am a spiritual person and i find it very difficult finding people and talking about my interest to them in fear of rejections, its very frustrating, I am glad i found your blog this might help me opening up thanking you so much.

    I will keep reading everyone’s so open reply that might help me too.

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