School succes

Guys! I passed one of my collage exams!

I know it seems like no big deal but to me it is amazing because I had started with learning 2 days before the exam. Usually I am that kind of a person that starts with learning months prior the exam so I know everything perfectly but this time I was so insanely lazy that I have done nothing at all for months and I realized a few days before the exam that I know absolutely nothing! So I started learning intensely but I still did not read the books I was supposed to read and the articles I was supposed to read… I just learned what I thought was the most important part and guess what – I got grade 3!

I cant believe this cause I thought I must have failed it. I was so sure I will have to repeat it.

This was my face when I knew I was going to find out about the results:

This was me praying before finding out:


This was me when I saw the results:

And when I realized I have passed:

And this is how I feel now:


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