What is shadow work?

All the things that we are experiencing are the result of core beliefs which are beliefs that we have been thinking for so long that it takes no longer conscious effort to think them. Many of our beliefs have become so automatic to us that we are not even aware of them or their origin in the first place. They just are. This shadow beliefs reside in an subconscious mind.

This core beliefs are like roots. If this roots remain undiscovered, they keep growing like weeds into our life. It is never a good idea to try to escape our shadows. Because just like a physical shadow, they move everywhere we go until we shine light on them.

So how to find a core belief?

One way to root out a core belief is to start with a simple judgement. Just pick something you dislike and something you feel resistence to. Then you just have to alternate two questions 1, What does this mean to me? 2, Why would that be so bad? You have to alternate this questions depending which one makes more sense to the statement.

This is my personal example:

I won’t pass an upcoming exam at school.

What does this mean to me?

I will disappoint myself and everyone around me.

Why yould that be so bad?

It would mean I failed.

And why would that be so bad?

If I failed, it means I’m worthless.

The last statement is the core belief I just rooted out. This is the belief that is really manifesting itself in this situation. So when I’m afraid that I won’t pass an exam and feel that internal resistence to it, the belief that is actually active is that I am worthless.

This is just one way how to root out a core belief. We can also use our lifes in a way they are meant to be – they are mirroring our biggest vibrations. We know based on what is manifesting in our lifes what our negative vibrations are. Every single negative thing we experience is an opportunity to do our shadow work.

I was inspired to write this article by Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst. She explains very well what is shadow work and how to do it. This concept I just showed you is one of her methods on rooting out a core belief. In this video she introduces another concept on finding core beliefs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6wDHBt7r5U.

Once we have identified our core belief, we can now consciously change it. I will tell you how to do that next time!


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