My 2014 resolutions

  1. I am no longer caring about other people´s opinions.
  2. I learn how to love and appreciate myself.
  3. I prioritise my own happiness over anything else.
  4. I am honest and true about myself.
  5. I don´t run away from my feelings and emotions.
  6. I see fear and illness as messengers and friends. I find out what the message is and I use it in a positive way.
  7. When I am making any decision, it doesn’t matter how big or insignificant, I make the decision by asking myself this question: What would a person which loves themselves do?
  8. I understand fully that I create my own reality.
  9. Whenever I find out I have a belief that is not in alignment with my true self, I do the shadow work and I change it.
  10. I don´t push myself to do something that I don´t want to do.
  11. I understand that we are all one.
  12. I can see myself in the eyes of another.
  13. I understand that I am an eternal and infinite being.
  14. I live in the Now.
  15. I validate every emotion and experience.
  16. I forgive myself fully.
  17. I exercise daily at least 20 minutes.
  18. I eat only when I´m hungry.
  19. I go to bed at 10 o clock. At 9:30 I start with my bed ritual.
  20. I meditate daily.
  21. Every day I write a few sentences in my diary.
  22. Every day I write in my gratitude journal.
  23. I meet new wonderful people and make new friends.
  24. I meet my perfect partner.
  25. I write my blogs as long as it excites me.


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