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The Universe

All beings originate from the source that is the universe, or otherwise known as god.  This is where all of creation arises from, which is consciousness itself.  Right now, we are the universe experiencing itself as humans. There is a state of consciousness that takes us so far into ourselves that we literally go into an ocean of illusion and come to the self realization that there is nothing outside of ourselves.  We experience ourselves, as the universe, and this gives us the epiphany that we are the universe, that it is within us.  That is why you have heard from other sources that you are the universe.  Jim Carrey himself has had this experience, you can find it on youtube if you search for “jim carrey on awakening”.

We have identified ourselves with our minds and our thoughts.  We don’t realize that those are just illusions that we have created to give us an experience of physicality.  When we can learn to let go of thoughts, and in fact, let go of the rational mind altogether, we realize that we are not our minds, we discover that we are the awareness behind our minds, and our bodies are like antennas, which attract thoughts to us through the chakra system, which makes up our entire personality, and creates our reality based off the vibrations we choose to flow through us.

Thoughts do not come from the brain, despite how it may seem.  Recognize from this point on, every experience you have.  You feel that you have to go to the bathroom, before you think you do.  You feel hungry, before you think you want dinner.  You feel a nervous stomach, or sweat hands, before you tell yourself you are nervous.  You get inspirational chills when something inspires you, or goosebumps when someone creeps you out. You feel light hearted in good company.  Stress appears in all parts of our bodies as tension and our thoughts perpetuate this tension.  If someone comes into the room right now and scares you…. You jump, feeling your entire body jolt, then you recognize the person and then thoughts come to the mind and you choose not to be afraid.  All fear, is a choice in this respect, its important that we recognize it, feel it, and then choose how to react to it, rather than becoming a victim of it and allow it to take over your mind, causing irrational actions and more unnecessary fear.  It is all felt before it is thought.  When we decide to associate a positive thought, with a negative emotion, we strip the negative emotions power over us.  Which then attracts to us, a positive feeling. Sadness can be turned into happiness or acceptance, anger can be turned into forgiveness, fear can be turned into courage, and hate can be turned into love, just by choosing to associate our thoughts with the opposite emotion.

An emotion cannot manifest into our reality until we have associated a thought with it.  So when you realize this, you suddenly understand the importance of your thoughts and how powerful they really are.  Each thought has a ripple like effect on the world around you. If you are having a bad day, and you treat others badly, they may be having a good day, which turns into a bad day, they go home to their families upset, causing them to get upset, and they tell their friends and off it goes in a chain reaction all the way around the world until it comes back to the original person.  This is whats known as synchronicity.  All events are the effect of a previous action, you attract to you the same level of vibration that you put out.  Live in love, and realize that all others around you that are suffering, is simply because they are giving their power away by absorbing the negativity of others, like a giant mirror. When you live in love, rather than absorb and be a victim, you start sending out your own vibes, you have switched from living in the head, to living from the heart, and the suffering of the world no longer has any impact on you because you don’t give your power away.  This enables you to react to all situations knowing that you are empowered and able to handle any situation, which others will notice and will start to look up to you.  Fear infects, love heals.



Love yourself

Talking to yourself like you would to someone you love is exactly whats required to develop spirituality. If you can learn to love yourself, to develop that feeling of love that you have for someone else, for your own self, you will literally begin to have that feeling all the time. That feeling is something that is sought by all of us, we look to the external world for it. We believe that we must find someone to love, that someone out there will complete us. But that someone is not out in the world, it is you, within you. Love yourself, and you will feel complete. Love yourself, and you will be ready to give love to others, rather than wanting to take love from them. When you love yourself, you are empowered, you know that no one can ever take that love away from you, so you can go into all relationships, fearlessly. You cannot have fear, when you have nothing to lose.

Loving ourselves is exactly what society steers us away from, creating as many conflicts as possible, to make us judge ourselves, to make us feel unworthy, to make us have to look the best, or have the most money, or be the best at something to attract attention… it’s all a distraction to keep us from loving the most important thing, and that is literally yourself.

Love who you are, love your flaws, accept yourself. You are unique, you are special, no one else can be you, or replace you, you are perfect being imperfect, that is what beauty truly is. You are beautiful, just as you are. If you don’t like something about yourself, change it into something you do like, if you can’t change it, then accept it completely, because it wasn’t meant to be changed, so why wish it could be?

Live fully, in love, if you do this, you cannot judge or hate others, because judging and hating come from a lack of love for yourself, it’s all a reflection of what you haven’t made peace with, within you. Make peace with yourself, and you will make peace with the world. This is what gives you the power to give who you are to the world and it makes a difference.


Introduction & and something about me

I am a girl that never fitted into society, that is often described as strange, too introspective, philosophical and out of this world. I always wanted to figure out how the universe works. I have never been satisfied with the answers I got in school and what other people told me. I knew that there is a greater force and we must be a part of something amazing and huge. I would describe myself as a truth seeker. Spirituality has always been a part of who I am.

During years of my personal search for truth I have come to many interesting conclusions about how the universe works and what is the purpose of existence. Recently I felt the urge to share my opinions and ideas with people around the world. Since internet is the only place where I can communicate with people from different countries, I decided to create my own blog where I can present my ideas.

The purpose of this blog is to help you to open your mind and awaken to the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Discern “Truth” for yourself. I am exploring the universe as much as you are. I am not telling you to believe me, or even follow me.

I hope I will find and connect with many like minded people. Feel free to write comments, massages or emails. My email adress is If you need advice or just someone to talk to, I´m always available.

Lots of love to you all,

your Paulina ❤❤❤