What Is Love… Our True Self, without any form

LOVE is our true state of being. We do not search for love ‘out there.’ There is no hole to fill from someone/something bringing you love, for that is an attachment and the cause of suffering when we feel loss/rejected/not good enough when it leaves. LOVE must be felt within your own being and within the heart of every soul. All love is self love. When we are aligned with loving the self unconditionally, we will attract mirrors in our life reflecting that same love back to us with great intensity. People have confused emotional ego attachment with love. LOVE is BEING/GOD/SOURCE/LIFE and CREATION. LOVE is who we are! We can only see/receive/give love to the degree in which we have opened our own hearts. When we feel this true divine love within, we will see there is an abundance of love wherever we turn, within and around us. The people in our life will enter as a magnet to our own openness to love, truth and inner beauty. We will then attract people who have also released their blocks in giving and receiving LOVE because they too are connected to their inner source of LOVE. We attract the same love in which we are.

Your true self can not be hurt or destroyed. You are not your mind or your body but rather an infinite source of consciousness in the vast totality of all-that-Is. Ego can only ever grab onto another false ego and it never touches your true self. Your essence is LOVE and that is something that will always remain whole. Your mind can fuel the illusion of being hurt and great fear, but this is never truth within. Your true state of being is untouchable and will always remain perfectly whole and intact. When we take full responsibility for our life, we move from being a victim of circumstance to fully empowered beings. Our perception shifts into higher awareness. We move from blame to compassion. We move from duality and separation to ONENESS and UNITY.



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