The present moment

The present moment is the place where there is no creation.  Yet, all of creation arises out of it.  Every experience we have ever had has happened in the present moment, in fact, all we have is right now. The past and the future are both illusions, one has already happened in the present moment, and the other, will occur in the present moment.  The present moment is a thoughtless state that enables you to understand that everything outside of the timeless now is simply a vibration, energy in motion, creating our reality.

If you can bring your attention to the present moment by learning how to experience things as they happen, you will experience a mental freedom, a deep peace, a great joy that fills your entire body with wonder and awe at the magnificence of the world around you.  You come fully alive and experience life as it was meant to be experienced.  Too many of our experiences are clouded by judgements due to past experiences or anxiety of what may or may not happen.  When this happens, the present moment is blocked out and you live in the illusion which doesn’t exist, and you believe it to be real.  The mind has clouded the true reality and has created a false reality, like a prison.  You stay in this prison for only as long as you believe the door to it is locked.  At any time you can become more present.  If you let go of the past or the future and really monitor your thoughts as new situations arise, you will start to notice that you are able to experience life in a new way.  As long as you keep dis-identifying with the old thoughts and recognize them when they come to you, you will then open yourself up to the present moment, you will see the unlimited possibilities that are available to you.  When you drop judgements or the fear of what people think of you, and speak your mind, do things you want to do, rather than what people expect you to do, you will be more and more in the present moment.  You will begin to feel the joy, feel the love, you will be able to embrace it.

The more you step out of the norm, more people will judge you, more people will criticize you, and some people may even tell you that you are out of your mind.  Which is the greatest compliment anyone can ever give you!  It means that you have escaped the prison of your mind, which is not easy thing to do! Feel gratitude when someone says that to you.  It is an accomplishment that so few have been able to accomplish, so enjoy being out of your mind, it means you’re in touch with reality, and the rest of the world is quite literally insane, because they are in their minds.  Your mind is supposed to be a tool, your servant, your friend. It helps you express who you are and allows you to be individual and unique.  The mind is not meant to judge you, it is not meant to insult you, so any kind of self hate or hate for others, is totally unnecessary and is not who you really are.  If you didn’t have a purpose you wouldn’t be here, it’s that simple.  So take control of your mind, and allow yourself to flow into the stillness of the present moment, where all things are possible.


4 thoughts on “The present moment

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