Live your life to the full; it is too short to waste!!

My life, my world and my thoughts!


I was just thinking today how lucky we are as human-beings to have such an intelligent prospective on life.

The universe is absolutely gigantic and out of all the matter and whatnot that is out there  in this huge darkness of what we call the universe; I so happen to be a human.  It just goes to show how valuable life is, we should cherish and enjoy it – we are a true wonder of the universe, we know of no other life and to be intelligent as we are is just amazing.

I often wonder if other life is out there and ask one of the most fundamental questions of all: “Are we alone?” – I don’t think we are, I reckon there is life out there.  It might not be intelligent life-form like ourselves; it could just be micro-organisms.  Even if we did find some sort of organism…

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